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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Ok my dear friends. I know it's been a long time since i've posted here but life has been anything but mundane. As things stand I currently have four novels out:

Shadow of the Wolf (book 1)

A woman of nature, Saleene has answered only to herself. Born with the gift of magick, she is endeavored by the council to seek out the source of the evil that has spread across the lands. Dartian is a warrior without equal, his sword and his strength of will legendary throughout the lands. He is asked to lead a group of men on a quest to rid the world of the darkness that is spreading through their world, a task he takes on no questions asked. Full of strength, he hides within a secret that only a few outside of his clan know of, the ability to change into the great wolf. Never in his life has he been questioned as he leads, always followed by those in his charge, that is, till he meets Saleene and her eyes speak defiance. Together they find themselves immersed in a battle to save the world. Danger thrown at them around ever corner, they find their bound growing with every breath. As the evil increases so does the desire that burns deep within. Saleene begins to wonder if she will indeed lose her soul to the enemy they pursue or the man who stands strong beside her.

Kiss of the Wolf (book 2)

Fiery and strong, Kara had always walked alone. Gifted with magick, she was a born healer, sent out by her people as her older sister had been to check on the village across the Baylo Sea, a burden she�d gladly accepted. Zachius a warrior of his people and friend to Dartian, has always wandered the lands alone. He is a loner who answers to no one; pride and strength run hard through his veins. His gift, like Dartian, is that of a shape-shifter. He is asked by Dartian and Saleene to find Kara, to keep her safe from the minions of Jacobe as they fear she is in danger as she may bear the same birthmark as Saleene. Reluctantly he agrees till he hears Saleene's description of her sister and the dreams of the woman who has haunted his nights come flooding back to him. Can he save her before it's too late? Or will he be the one needing to be saved

Scottish Whispers and

Jena Jenkins had lived an ordinary life. She'd learned the hard way nothing came easy. Nearly losing her life at a young age she'd settled for safe and cautious Ted and a life without love. That was till she came home to find him dead one night. Could her life get any worse? She didn't think till finally one year she decided to take a needed vacation and bumped into the most arrogant man alive. Erick MacClyne had never met someone he couldn't beat or a woman who he couldn't bed, that was till he bumped into Jena. The moment he laid eyes on her his Scottish blood had begun to boil. Belief in his abilities he was baffled when she balked at his advances, her annoyance for his presence a complete mystery. A twist of fate intervenes pushing the two together forcing them to find a way to bridge their differences and showing them that love can blossom in the most unusual places.

Destiny's Light [Song of the Muses].

For as far back as she could remember they'd always been sent to inspire humans throughout the ages, that was, until man lost their faith. Euterpe had longed to return, to provide her gifts to another human once more. Just when she swore it would never happen she's summoned by Zeus. Her chance to finally go back had come and she couldn't be happier. If she'd known what would happen next she might have had second thoughts.
Sent down to the mortal world Euterpe lands in a lush forest only to find her memory stripped away and left to wander in confusion in a place that made no sense. Perhaps the lights coming towards her would provide the answers she seeks. Ceris had always been a loner, never one to surround himself with others. Music his only source of company, he wanders out into the night his mind full of chaotic thoughts. He could feel the words hidden deep inside but no matter what he did he could not unlock them from his soul. Frustrated he finds his feet taking him to the deserted roadway only to find the figure of a woman standing still on the black pavement, a pair of headlights heading straight for her. By saving her could he save himself? Together they search to find her past while attempting to unlock the music they both know he holds inside. Hounded by the shadows of Hades, will Ceris be able to save Euterpe from the pursuits of the Dark God or will he lose his soul as he fights for her past? As the bond between them grows from a spark to a white hot flame, will their newfound love be enough to save them both from the darkness and bring them into Destiny's Light.

Currently looking at finishing Raven's Cry (book 3) in my series and I am proud to say my dragon novel Dragon's Legacy: The Beginning has been contracted. Crimson Dreams (book 1 in a new series) is also being shopped around.

Now for the fun stuff. I have revamped my website with a new look. I'm also looking at finishing up a few more projects as well as working on a new series in the Young Adult Fantasy realm. All of this will be loads of fun with many more adventures.

With that said, I hope to keep more updated with this site and as always please feel free to reach out and ask anything that you might have questions about.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!

Yes... hard to believe but we are finally in 2008. Such a crazy year 2007 was but it was one that I will never forget.

But this year bodes to be a very active one and one that I hope will bring many new projects and changes. Between the new Greek Muse story Destiny's Light that is being done for Wild Rose Press to the next in the Wolf/Raven series to working toward obtaining an agent, 2008 will prove to be a very full year and one that I know will bring forth many exciting events.

I do hope everyone out there has had a wonderful holiday and even better New Year. I wish nothing but the best to my family, friends and all those who work towards achieving their dreams.

Have a great year everyone and reach for those dreams!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Where is winter???

Hard to believe Christmas is nearly here when the days in my neck of the woods are still sitting at around 70ish degrees per day. Don't get me wrong, I love the temps that I've been having here. Still, I do miss having snow when the holidays arrive. I grew up in the midwest and we had every single season equally. Now since living in Texas I've not seen snow in longer than I can remember.

I still recall the days when I was a child around the holidays and as a family we would put the tree up and decorate our house. It was magical beyond words. The greens and reds that would glitter from the tree limbs and on the steps that descended into my basement. One of my fondest memories was that of the large train my father would erect outside my brother and I's bedroom windows. It would have Santa in it and a smaller tree on one of the platforms. He would then position 2 lights facing the train, one green one red, which would illuminate it at night. I used to fall asleep so well during those times, the lights twinking in through my window.

Ahh to be a child again, the wonder and amazement at such a magical time of year.

I hope everyone has such a wonderful Christmas at this amazing time of year.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Kiss of the Wolf reviews

So much has happened in the last few months and I apologize for not updating more often. Many items can be viewed at my blog on if for some reason I get back logged again. But.. here are a few reviews for my most recent novel Kiss of the Wolf:

Fiery and strong, Kara had always done things her own way. Gifted with magick and a stubborn streak a mile wide, she was a born healer, sent out by her people as her older sister had been to check on the village across the Baylo Sea. There is trouble brewing an ancient evil that had yet to be vanquished. It was dangerous to go alone but it was a burden she'd gladly accepted. Never in her life had she been challenged by anyone else, that is, till she meets Zachius a warrior of his people and friend to Dartian.
Zachius, like Dartian, is a shape-shifter who hides his secret from the world. He is a loner who answers to no one; pride and strength run hard through his veins. When he is asked by Dartian and Saleene to find Kara, to keep her safe from the minions of Jacobe, he reluctantly agrees till he hears Saleene's description of her sister. Suddenly the dreams of the woman who has haunted his nights for the past months come flooding back to him. Can Zachius make it to Kara's side to save her before it's too late? Has Zachius met his soulmate in Kara or his damnation to an eternal lifetime of chaos? Soon they will have to make the decision to follow their hearts or forfeit their lives in a battle for their body and souls.

This book gives the readers two characters that learn how to trust and lean on each other when they need it the most. I loved how Zachius kept trying to say the right thing to Kara but sticking his foot in his mouth instead and knowing he'd have to find a way to show her how much she meant to him. Also, how Kara realized she knew that Zachius would be there for her when she'd need him the most and that she could hold her own against his strength with her magic and the beauty within herself. Zachius is the alpha male who also knows that it doesn't take anything away from him to show his emotions to the woman he loves. Ms. Wren is an author who knows how to give the readers what they want in a paranormal romance.

Reviewed by Donna.

This mystical story twists and weaves with every page. Kara is very compassionate and connected with her world. She unselfishly absorbs all of the pain and suffering on the island. Zachius is a warrior through and through. He fights and loves with his whole being. They are both strong and willful but trust in each other's abilities they have bonded they for life. Magic and mysticism flow throughout this story to create the perfect backdrop for Zachius and Kara to prove their worthiness and love for each other.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

Friday, November 02, 2007

So much to say... never enough time

I know i've not updated my blog in ages but this year has been anything but slow. To bring those of you interested up to speed, I now have 3 of my novels out in publication. Shadow of the Wolf, Kiss of the Wolf and Scottish Whispers. The feedback thus far has been very good.

Currently Dragon's Desire is done but i'm going back through and revamping it some. Adding more to the lore and history of the dragons. It bodes to be quite nice. Crimson Dreams (book 1 in the Crimson Legend's series) is done and currently out being reviewed by a couple agents. My fingers are crossed that I will hear back soon.

Aside from that I've begun Raven's Cry the third book in my Wolf/Raven's series and it is coming along nicely. Galen and Kyaria's adventures prove to be quite exciting as does the chemistry that flows between them. I have much more posted on my site as well as book videos for the three novels currently in ciruculation. With the coming of the new year I hope to have many more adventures out there for everyone to enjoy.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Review for Shadow of the Wolf

I was pleased to receive this wonderful review from RomanceJunkies for my first novel Shadow of the Wolf

Are you ready for some adventure? Do you like a "happily ever after" story? Are you able to let your imagination soar?

Saleene is a beautiful woman on a quest sent by her village to find and stop the source of evil permeating the land. This attack came without warning and tracking it woodland to woodland has left her feeling homesick and lonely. Will she ever be like other young women and find true love and raise a family or will she die on her quest? While having her noonday meal at an inn she meets a seeress, who tells her she will not be alone on this quest. She will meet three warriors, who have also been sent on the same quest. Hearing a scream of distress ends her meal quickly as she rushes off in the hopes of rescuing the stranger in distress. Unfortunately, she is too late so all she can do is anoint him and chant over his body, sending him to be with the souls of his ancestors. While camped for the night at a run down shack, three warriors approach. Dartian is the leader and she has a knife to his throat until she feels that maybe, she should trust them. There is something both familiar and comfortable about Dartian. She is drawn to him and doesn't know why. Dartian, despite her threat is also drawn to Saleene, but now is not the time to delve into this. Are these her foretold companions? Does Saleene ever figure out why Dartian is so familiar? Has love drawn the two together?

Ms. Wren has written a masterpiece in SHADOW OF THE WOLF. The imagery woven in her words is breathtakingly beautiful. This story is so full of tenderness, strength and a love for all time. All the right pieces of a beautifully crafted story can be found within these pages. I am truly at a loss for words. It's a page turner, once begun you dare not put it down until you are through, it is so compelling. She just draws you in so effortlessly that heart felt emotions stir through you. You laugh, you cry and you love so deeply. What I like most is the rhythm of the story; it's not just a plot, characters and action scenes. Her love scenes are realistic and not overblown. Her characters are believable. The details in the story make it seem like it could happen here and now. You actually get to know Saleene and Dartian and feel happy for them or frustrated given the situation that you are currently reading about.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Shadow of the Wolf is now available

It's hard to believe but yes, Shadow of the Wolf is now available for purchase in e-book format. So far the response has been amazing and I couldn't have hoped for more. You can visit either my website ( and link to Wild Rose Press from there or visit directly.

Saleene and Dartian's journey can now be shared by everyone!